“Leo” Joost - age 29 or so,

Leo has been a professional horse person for many years now and is a very well known and highly respected horse trainer throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Her love of nature and animals has been a driving force in her life, and has taken her from New Mexico to Florida , South Carolina to the foothills of Western Maine and New Hampshire, Schooled in Animal Sciences at the University of Delaware, sent to Europe for finishing schools in France, Germany and Greece. We are lucky to have her here at New England Dogsledding, her knowledge of animals and animal care is irreplaceable. She has been running dogs for about 8 years now.

Steve Crone - age unknown,

Has been working with Huskies and dogs ( llamas and horses) for over twenty seven years. His passions and interests since childhood have been pursuing the “natural” and wild side of the environment– either climbing mountains in Colorado and Alaska just to “see” them or studying Alpine Ecology in graduate school out West or being attentive to the organic gardens or spending quality time with his husky pups. Steve’s professional life has always been involved with showing people the beauty of nature and teaching them how to really “get close” to the experience both for the benefit of our natural world and for the personal growth of the individual. Steve (they say) is a bit of a character, and a very talented trainer of both sled dogs and horses- llamas too. He also enjoys feeding hummingbirds out of his mouth and sometimes entertaining guests with his witty humor. He owns and runs New England Dogsledding and the Telemark Inn Wilderness Lodge just outside of Bethel Maine.

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