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Skijoring is Nordic skiing combined with the power of paws up front. Most dogs over 30lbs in size can have the ability to have fun in the sport of skijoring. Lead dog training, along with some common sense education for yourself, is all you need to begin this newer style winter canine/humane fusion sport. Skijoring utilizes the high spirit of the canine to inject the thrill of speed and the harmony found in the human/dog partnership into the serenity and joy of the natural setting of Nordic trails. An added benefit of this new sport, actually a descendant of Norwegian freight transportation, is that you don't have to invest a small fortune to outfit yourself with new gear. Nordic skis and poles (no metal edges please), a harness for you, a harness for your dog (collars alone can be harmful), and a skijoring line, which is simply a poly line with a bungee attachment and a quick release. That's it! You and your best friend can be off, grooving in sync down the trails. Or let the well trained skijoring dogs of New England Dogsledding take you along on a groomed trail cardiovascular Nordic venture. This is a sport where the dogs and you share the effort and the joy together. Intermediate skier ability needed to partake in this interactive event - (the skier needs to concentrate on the dogs well being and not their own skiing ability)

For Dogs who love to run, and people who love to ski- this is a great fusion of combined efforts and joys. To extend the skijoring season- this sport can be transferred from Nordic skis to wheels during the Fall and Spring with the use of Mt. Bikes and scooters. The same dog training and skills apply - just add wheels (and brakes).

So grab your skis, get your dog ( or ours) and lets go have fun this winter.

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We supply harnesses for humans and dogs and bungee skijor lines.
You supply your own Nordic ski equipment (no metal edges). Advanced registrations required


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