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Lodging and Dogsledding Packages
Dogsledding by day and the comforts of the Telemark Inn by night -

Dog Sledding in Maine

These Mushing packages are of the highest quality and most educational offered within the North Eastern States. If you want to learn how to run, manage, and care for a very athletic squadron of racing Alaskan Huskies, this just might be your dream vacation. We will start off the first day by running a large team of Alaskan Huskies on a beautifully scenic 15 to 24 mile outing on our visually stunning higher elevation trail systems along the Maine and NH Border area. You will be accompanied by a skilled Musher guide, to help you learn and develop the skills you will need to be able to run your own team over the next couple of days. The following days we will break the squadrons down into 6 to 8 dog teams (depending upon snow conditions), and if you have learned your skills well, you will be driving your own dog team through the winter mountainside trail system. These dogs are the real thing, and the experience they offer you is a very authentic one. Each day will include a half day dogsledding experience (Full Day of dogsledding with V.I.P. Package) with the other half day available for snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, or just kicking back and relaxing at the comfortable. Plenty of time daily to help feed and care for our racing and recreational dog kennel will be included. Our Wilderness lodge this 2020 season will be closed and we will be utilizing three wonderful establishments closer to the trail system for the Lodging aspects of the dogsledding packages. Keazer Family Farm, The Upton House and Rivervail Farm and the Damn House Inn all great places !

Three Day “Learn to Mush” Package:
Includes three guided 1/2 day Mushing Experiences (drive your own team)
• Three nights lodging in one of our very nice Lodging establishments
• Healthy meals Breakfasts and Lunches (starting the first morning through the last day’s lunch)
• Three half days of dogsledding – highly hands on and educational
• Snowshoeing available
• All the dogs you can respect, run and bestow love upon for three whole days
• Price: $1075 per person double occ. dogsled and room (plus taxes and 10% gratuity)
$1995 per person single occupancy dogsled and room (plus taxes and 10% gratuity)
Longer stays available check for pricing
Children 15 and under minus 15%

Dog Sledding in New England
Bethel Inn Dog Sledding Adventures Two Day “Intro to Dogsledding” Package:
Includes the same as “Learn to Mush Package” but with two nights lodging and two half days of dogsledding. This is our most popular trip for our weekender clientele.
Price: $800 per person d.o. room and sleds **
$1450 per person- single person room & dogsled **
** Plus taxes and 10% gratuity
Children 15 and under minus 15%

V.I.P. Husky Lovers Package
This is our most relaxed and intensive dogsledding trip available here- the major difference from our
“Intro and Learn to Mush Packages” are that the dogsledding each day is roughly a 5 hour experience- with our focus totally on yourselves – family or group . If you have dogsledded before elsewhere and looking for a high end dogsledding experience or you are newbies to dogsledding world and would like to have a focused and relaxed first experience with this amazing artform and our well trained dogs and staff.

Telemark Inn Dog Sledding Deals


Bethel Inn Dog Sledding Deals

Hybrid Dogsledding Package:
Similar to our Intro Package but without the responsibility of having to run and manage your own sled- Including all the learning and hands on of our other trips but in a more relaxed less intensive educational sessions- for folks who want to dogsled each day without the pressure or responsibility of controlling your own sled. Includes: lodging, breakfast and lunches and quality 1/2 day dogsledding each day.
Pricing: $ 725 per person double occupancy sleds and lodging
$ 1240 per person Single Occupancy sleds and lodging
Minus 15% for children 15 years and under.


Two Day Two Night VIP Husky Lovers Package
Pricing : $1000 per person (double occupancy- rooms and dogsleds) **
$1900 per person (single occupancy rooms and dogsleds) **

Three Day Three Night VIP Husky Lovers Package
Pricing: $1500 per person ( double occupancy – rooms and sleds) **
$2875 pp (single occupancy room and sled) **
** Plus Taxes and 10% gratuity
minus 15% for children 15 yrs and younger


For All Dogsledding Packages: Plus taxes and 10% gratuity for great dogs and staff!
Private personalized trips can be designed for the needs of our clients as well, please inquire directly. Including Colleges, Waldorf Style High Schools and special needs as Wounded Warriors .