2  or 3 Hour National Forest - Wildlife Refuge Tours
These are longer trips into the White Mountain National Forest trail systems, usually between 8-15 miles in length depending upon current snow conditions. These longer runs give the dogs a chance to really stretch out and cover some ground showing you their amazing athletic abilities, while allowing you more time to get up on the "runners" with your Musher Guide and learn how to handle and drive a large team of 10-14 good looking, great moving sled dogs. A relaxed outing into beautiful mountain scenery propelled by the power of dog.
The National Forest Trips are designed for folks who want to get into the art and beauty of Dogsledding and at the same time see some spectacular North-East mountain scenery.

Two Hour Experiences :   $400 per sled *
Three Hour Experiences:   $500 per sled *
Third person in sled plus  $30 add-on
One person sled- single sled price  minus $50  from above pricing
*plus 10% gratuity

Dog Sledding with your family



One Hour Rides

These rides are both educational and great fun for adults and kids alike. The rides are a beautiful way to experience the power and grace of these very special animals. Beiing whisked across the meadows and into the private forest trail system on a Winter's day by the power of friendly canine athletes. You will be invigorated and uplifted by the unique energy of these dogs.

Price: $300 per sled plus10% gratuity for
Friendly Musher and Great Dogs
(345lbs combined up to 3 people per sled)

New England Dogsledding
New England Dogsledding

New England Dogsledding - mushing options -

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