New England Dogsledding - meet some team members-

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Chippy Chipmunk and Raptor :

Chippy is our best Lead dog and our star here , very intelligent, loves to please us, very sleek and fast great with directions ( which is very important as a leader) she has also trained all of our present lead dogs, which is crucial to a dogsledding program. Her mother is Kuscokwim our 17 year old Grand Queen here and her father is Tek - Great genetics proven on the Iditarod Trail! Raptor is our current A team Leader with Chippy , he is very strong and focused up front, where he has lead since he was 1-1/2 years old, he and all his littermates are some of our favorites here- they are calm, loving, and want to run like the wind! Beautiful dogs-

Batman and Robin :

These pups were born with the Bat Crest on their chests, therefore the superhero names. Both are brilliant runners on the A Team- both are proven fathers with beautiful offspring here. Batman is father to Raptor’s and Green Hornets litter and Robing is dad of Snowy Owl our special little on who never tires.

Moo Dawg and YoTek :

Brothers who came out the shoot looking very differently in coloration, with beautiful personalities, and movement. They both have been on the A team in the wheel position since they were 1-1/2 years old. Big Strong and Smooth moving pups! Their mother was Eagle (a Peppie and Hawk descendant ) and their father is Tek our super dad.

Snowy Owl and her mother Zuma :

Snowy’s father is Robin (of Batman and Robin) one of our finest males and Zuma is work horse of a lead, team and wheel dog- no nonsense and as honest as a sled dog can be! Snowy seems to be a perfect breeding – she is going on 2 and 1-2 years old and already on the A team. Rock steady in harness, always willing to excel and is even running lead this Winter. She has worked her way into the bedroom as well- meaning a very smart girl as well.

Flora and her dad Little Big Man:

Two of the same stuff- both are the alpha’s in their worlds here - they make a perfect lead dog couple- they look , think and act together, emotionally moving for me to see how genetics really play out! Little Big Man’s father was my Leader Night Bear and his mother was Spook (Baxter Brown X Blanche ) making him a 75% Alaskan X 25% GSP - we see their grandparents in themselves- love of the past- love of the present - and love of the future- all around the genetic coil…

Tek and his son Bernie Picture :

Tek was a gift from Steve Hessert to me - a special dog directly coming out of a Jeff King , Martin Buser, Doug Swingley lead dog breeding exchange ( sort of).. Tek is a tremendous athlete and has never stopped moving since he arrived here, constant motion, dogs have “moving” souls - this is true with Tek! He is sweet and respectful as well as a bit “aloof” coming out of an Alaskan Dog Kennel. He’s a beautiful composite of everything that makes Alaskans so stunning of a breed. His son Bernie is a soft, gentle, and strong and flowing member of our A team.

The Truth and Major Mink:

Both are brothers and Pups of Batman and Zuma, all on the A team- strong steady honest sled dogs who are loving and sweet as well- what we would call here an exceptional breeding ! Truthie is on the shy side until he gets to know you, then he is a kissy kissy boy , very sweet! Major Mink runs lead, point and team a beauty of a young male who’s strong sleek and consistent- all pups in this litter have super sweet personalities and outlooks on life- a joy to be around and a world class treat to “run” with these dogs

Tiger Lilly and Zora picture:

Sisters of ( Batman X Zuma ) these females are very sleek and fast both run lead , point and team, and smart enough to get themselves up into our bedroom by night! Simply beautiful souls and physique with an extra little difference they have wrists that they use as thumbs by twisting them 45 degrees to grab things with them- they grab our arms and hold them- very cute behavior.. both on A-Team both amazing effortlessly moving dogs.

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